Best Blue Curtains for Bedroom and Living Room – Ideas & Guide

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When you’re decorating a room, it’s easy to focus on furniture and other big pieces. However, the small details can make all the difference between a standard room and a stunning one.

Blue is always a popular color for curtains and drapes because of its versatility. It works well in both modern and traditional settings, so it’s ideal for bedrooms or living rooms. While blue curtains are great on their own, they work even better when paired with complementary colors like reds or yellows.

Our blue curtains come in many different styles, including tailored pleated panels that will add elegance to your windows as well as attractive valances that will give your windows some extra style without taking up too much space. We also have solid colored panels if you prefer something simpler that won’t take away from other features in your home such as artwork or furniture pieces!

Top 20 Blue Curtains Ideas for Bedroom and Living Room

If you want to change up your living room or bedroom without breaking the bank, then Curtainsly is here for you! Browse our top 20 blue curtains today and find exactly what you need at an amazing design.

1. Deconovo Navy Blue Blackout Curtains

Deconovo Navy Blue Blackout Curtains

The Deconovo navy blue blackout curtains are perfect for anyone looking to spruce up their living space! These lined thermal insulated drapes provide solid color tones that are pleasing on the eye.

Made of smooth, elegant fabric with a silky touch, these panels will bring charm and modernity to any room. Block out light so you can enjoy your favorite television show without bothersome outside distractions!

2. BGment Navy Blackout Curtains

BGment Navy Blackout Curtains

Keep out the light and adjust the temperature with these amazing curtains from BGment. BGment is made of polyester material; these navy blackout curtains will have your bedroom feeling crisp and cool on hot summer nights while maintaining warmth during winter!

The best part? No matter how much you toss and turn in bed, there’s no worry that you’ll be a flash to a passerby thanks to these 100% room darkening curtains.

2. Deconovo Navy/White Blackout Curtains

Deconovo Navy/White Blackout Curtains

Make yourself snug in your little corner with these sophisticated Navy Blackout Curtains. Deconovo Navy Blackout Curtains made of the highest quality polyester materials, you can’t go wrong with this fashionable color choice!

These blackout curtains are available in many different colors and sizes to fit any space or style when adding that extra touch of splendour and luxury. With 8 stainless silver grommets (1.6 inch inner diameter each) they provide a chic new look for your rooms that will suit all desires.

3. BGment Rod Pocket Navy Blackout Curtains

BGment Rod Pocket Navy Blackout Curtains

If you’re looking for a way to block out light during the daytime, BGment navy blue blackout curtains are the perfect product. They come as a set of two, and measure 42 Inch wide by 84 Inch long.

The cloth is navy blue with 4 back tabs and 3-inch rod pocket that fits most standard rods, making them watertight and durable. This heavy duty yet sleek vinyl textiles offer ultimate coverage for your windows while also being easy on the environment; they will completely block out 90%-99% sunlight.

5. Dreaming Casa Royal Blue Darkening Curtains

Dreaming Casa Royal Blue Darkening Curtains

Be all the envy of your friends and guests with these beautiful Dreaming Casa Royal Blue Darkening Curtains for your home; from now on, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful atmosphere inside your house.

Not only do these curtains look very nice, they also filter light nicely without blocking any sun at all. Made especially for those who share a love of architecture and design, this curtain cannot go unnoticed! Furthermore, you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to maintain and the durability that lasts over time.

6. DWCN Navy Blue Blackout Curtains

DWCN Navy Blue Blackout Curtains

DWCN Navy Blue Blackout Curtains are made of high quality imported 100% Polyester. Your package includes 2 blackout curtain panels, measuring 63 inch length. 3″ rod pocket top fits most standard rods. Same material and color on both sides.

These thermal insulated curtains reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer while providing privacy and reducing outside noise. With these drapes, you can block out light completely to help you sleep better at night. The blackout fabric is also great for blocking light from TV screens or computers so your children will be able.

7. FLOWEROOM Royal Blue Blackout Curtains

FLOWEROOM Royal Blue Blackout Curtains

Royal Blue Blackout Curtains by Flweroom creates a comfortable environment for your home, office, bedroom, nursery.

Royal blue blackout curtains are made of high-quality light-blocking fabric and the lining is thick and soft. The curtain is energy saving and helps to reduce noise outside. It can be used as a room divider or baby playpen.

8. Utopia Bedding Navy Blue Blackout Curtains

Utopia Bedding Navy Blue Blackout Curtains

These curtains are designed to block the light and noise from entering your room. Each panel is made of 100% polyester, which can be machine washed cold water and dried on a low heat setting.

Utopia Bedding Navy Blue Blackout Curtains will give you a peaceful sleep at night and a pleasant day during the day. The thermal top design makes it not only energy efficient but can block up to 99 percent of light and filter approximately 60 percent of the outside noise from entering the room.

9. Sun Zero Navy Blue Curtain

Sun Zero Navy Blue Curtain

Sun Zero’s Navy Blue Curtain with Blackout technology will help you get your best night’s sleep. These curtains block out most of the unwanted light that can disrupt your circadian rhythm and keep you up at night, while also enhancing privacy in bedrooms and nurseries.

Sun Zero’s blackout curtains are made from a fabric blend of viscose rayon and polyester, which is designed to resist fading from sunlight exposure over time. In addition, these curtains include thermal properties that help keep summer heat and winter chill out of your home, keeping it comfortable.

10. KOUFALL Navy Blue Curtains

KOUFALL Navy Blue Curtains

KOUFALL Navy Blue Curtains are woven with high quality fabrics,durable and soft.The curtain is thick enough to block the sun ray in the summer,which can help you sleep better at night.It has three layers of fabric,the outside layer is made of polyester+cotton blend material which is durable and breathable.

The middle layer is made of black microfiber fabric which can block more light than single weave curtains. The inner layer is 100% cotton lining with blackout function, it will keep your room dark when closed during day time.

11. Deconovo Royal Blue Curtains

Deconovo Royal Blue Curtains

Deconovo’s drape panels feature an elegant, tailored drape design that will add a touch of style to your window treatment. They are available in different colors and sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your home decor.

These drapes also offer multiple functionalities such as soundproofing, room darkening, thermal insulation and energy saving.

12. Roslynwood Royal Blue Velvet Curtains

Roslynwood Royal Blue Velvet Curtains

Roslynwood royal blue velvet window curtain is a great addition to your home decor. It gives you privacy, noise reduction and insulating from the cold weather. The material of this curtain is Polyester and Velvet, which makes it more durable and comfortable for you to use.

The color of this curtain is royal blue, which looks very beautiful in your room setting. This curtain will match well with any kind of furniture in your house because it has a classic style.

13. Deconovo Navy/White Blackout Curtains

Deconovo Navy/White Blackout Curtains

Deconovo blue and gold curtains are made of 100% polyester fabric. They are silky, soft and drapery to the touch. The pattern is a wave line with dots printed in gold foil which matches most any decor.

These curtains can be used as living room curtains, bedroom window treatments, kitchen window treatments or bathroom window treatments. Deconovo curtain panels have two pockets for rod pocket top and bottom hems. Each curtain panel measures 54 inches wide by 84 inches long with 12 inch side hems for a total length of 96 inches long when hung on.

14. Jinchan Linen Blue Curtains

Jinchan Linen Blue Curtains

These jinchan linen bluecurtains are the perfect choice for your bedroom, living room or even kitchen. They will help you create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your home, while also saving energy and money on heating and cooling costs.

The thermal insulation of these curtains is made with lightweight fabric that is very easy to wash and maintain. Simply machine wash them in cold water, then tumble dry or steam clean as needed. You can also iron them if necessary to get rid of any wrinkles.

15. StangH Navy Blue Velvet Curtains

StangH Navy Blue Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains are a great way to add a luxurious and elegant look to your home. They also provide a softness that can be very soothing and relaxing. Velvet curtains come in many different styles, from heavy velvet to light silk velvet.

You can use velvet curtains for any occasion, from Christmas decorations to New Years Eve parties. These curtains are also available in many colors, so you will have no trouble finding the perfect ones for your home!

16. HCILY Blackout Blue Curtains

HCILY Blackout Blue Curtains

The HCILY Blackout Blue Velvet Curtain is a high quality product which is made of soft velvet fabric that can block noises from outside really well.

The curtain has been designed to be used in bedrooms or living rooms where you want to get a good sleep at night without being disturbed by.

17. MIULEE Navy Blue Velvet Curtains

MIULEE Navy Blue Velvet Curtains

MIULEE Navy Blue Velvet Curtains is made of high quality velvet fabric, which is more durable than cotton. It can block out light and keep your room warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

A good curtain will not only enhance the beauty of your home but also protect you from bad weather. MIULEE curtains are thermal insulated, soundproof, blackout curtains with a variety of colors for you to choose from.

18. Treatmentex Pom Pom Navy Blue Curtains

Treatmentex Pom Pom Navy Blue Curtains

Treatmentex Pom Pom Navy Blue Curtains are made of high-quality material, soft and thick. It offers you a good visual effect. The pom-poms trimming on both vertical sides makes the curtains more lovely and charming.

They are ideal for bedroom, living room or office window decoration to block light completely; keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

19. CUCRAF Navy Blue Curtains

CUCRAF Navy Blue Curtains

CUCRAF thermal insulated curtains are made of 100% polyester fabric with high density thickening, which can block light effectively to improve your sleep quality.

CUCRAF blackout curtains are designed to reduce the amount of sunlight that comes through windows during the day and at night to ensure a restful sleep. The curtain is breathable and moisture-wicking.

20. Leeva Elegant Blue Curtains

Leeva Elegant Blue Curtains

The Leeva Elegant will add a touch of elegance to any room in your home. Blue and white, a color combination that is both classic and timeless.

These curtains feature an elegant medallion pattern with blue and white embroidery on a black background. Whether you’re looking for sheer curtains or blackout curtains, the Leeva Elegant Blue Curtains are sure to please!

Important FAQ’s

Q: What color curtains go with blue walls

Ans: With their silver and grey curtain, these curtains really stand out beautifully against the deep blue walls. The geometric design gives them an additional feature that is sure not unnoticed by anyone who looks into this room!

Q: What color curtains go with light blue walls

Ans: Light blue is a cool color, and bringing it into an area with white also signals that you want that room to feel cool, since many people associate blue with feeling cold.

Q: What color curtains go with blue grey walls

Ans: Blue grey walls can be challenging to pick curtains for because it is such a light color. However, you could try light silvery drapes with a touch of navy blue. Another option might be drapes in a creamy color – maybe ivory or cream – which will have a more warm tone and go well with the medium toned wood flooring.

Q: What color curtains with blue walls brown furniture

Ans: There are many colors that would go great with blue walls and brown furniture, but green is an often overlooked color. The key to getting the look right is caution when choosing shades of green, because there are so many variations of this color. If you want a warm look, go for the earthy shades of green like olive or khaki. If you want it to be cool, pick lighter hues like mint-green or seafoam green.

Q: What color curtains go with dark blue walls

Ans: If you would like to emphasize the room’s natural light, you could hang curtains in a soft white or cream color. These delicate colors will reflect more light into the room while still covering up your windows for privacy. On the other hand, if you prefer to fill the space with artificial light, yellow or gold material can create an inviting atmosphere. The bolder colors are designed to stand out against darker walls and are especially useful in less-rectangular rooms. These shades of gold will create contrast by emphasizing vertical lines on surfaces such as furniture and drapes.

Q: What color curtains go with navy blue walls

Ans: Pale to mid-level grays work well because navy is a dark color. A pale blue or light yellow would work, but brown or green will clash with the shade of navy you’re using. The bottom line is that what colors look good together are dependent on the colors, tones, and shades in your room–you can’t simply choose one color for all curtains in your house.

Final Verdict

The curtains in your bedroom and living room are the first thing visitors see when entering. They also offer privacy, keep out drafts, and create a mood with their colors. We’ve compiled the top 20 Blue Curtains for Bedroom and Living Room to help you find what is right for you!

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