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Curtain sizes in the United States can be confusing, but they’re not too difficult to figure out. There are many factors to consider when buying living room curtains length and width but I’ve found the perfect resource for all of these questions and more. The article will give you all the information you need to make your decision!

You can find curtains length and width for all types of windows here. We have collected information about curtain sizes for all types of windows in the USA.

In this blog you will find the perfect length of your curtains in just one click. Get started now and find out how long living room curtains should be!

Standard Living Room Curtain Size – Curtain Length & Width Guide

Curtain Length & Width Guide

Curtains are one of the most important parts of decorating a room. It’s like the red cherry on the top of a cake which finishes the decoration. Without choosing the proper window treatment, the looks of your room can be messed up badly. But, you can get rid of it by picking curtains by size properly.

So, how to choose the right curtain size for your living room? Well, I’m here today to make it easier for you and save your ass from any mess up again. Let’s meet about different size curtains by their lengths and widths to seal the deal for your living room windows.

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Types of Curtains

Many people are looking for curtains that are inexpensive, but also stylish. Here are the different types of curtains you should be aware of when shopping for them.

Window sill curtains: You will find a few curtain lengths that end at the window sill right away. These are ideal for hanging on an elevated window like kitchen windows.

If you have a radiator under the window, then consider the curtain comes down about four or five inches more from the sill. They are often known as apron curtains and are great for the dining room.

Floor-length or kiss curtains: These just hit the floor to ensure they are still easy to open and close the drapery panels. They are a good choice for living rooms. Using kiss curtains requires precise measurements for avoiding any mess-up later.

Measure the length of curtain rods and rings along with the curtains for a perfect measurement.

Float curtains: If you have considered hanging curtains right above the floor, these are the options for you. They usually hang an inch above the floor to look more appealing. Make sure you’ve done it perfectly!

Puddle curtains: These are the longer curtains that laying on the ground. They provide a goodly look but are a bit difficult to maintain. As they puddle on the floor collects more dust or else particles than the standard length curtains. They are a bit difficult to shut and open as well. Meet with the available length options to buy online:

Standard Curtain Length Chart & Guide

Standard Curtain Length Chart

Standard length is the availability of the curtains that you can find in stores or online ready-made. The standard lengths of curtains are 63, 84, 94, 108, and 120 inches mostly. But, luckily they are not the only ready-made options for you to choose from online. Let’s check out the available options to choose from:

Up to 29 in

29 inches curtains or below size tiers can be a good choice for you as well. It’s not a standard size of curtains but you can consider them as well. Maybe you’re looking for it for the following reasons:

Ideal for:

  • Having a great inside and outside view at a time
  • Shielding your furniture from the direct sunlight
  • Keeping your privacy and ensuring undisturbed sleeping
  • Protecting the sunlight and UV rays (Use dark color curtains for the betterment)

Buying Tips:

  • Ensure they are easy to care
  • Choose from cotton materials to look realistic
  • Find double panels with the accurate width for your windows
  • Blackout curtains would be the right choice for blocking sunlight
  • You can buy up to 29 inches curtains for Amazon.com

30 to 49 in

The length is fair enough for short windows and adds to the aesthetic and elegant value of the room. If you are browsing for short-length blackout or sheer curtains, these lengths are perfect for you.

Ideal for:

  • Filtering light
  • Late sleepers and afternoon naps
  • Providing the right balance of privacy and sunlight

Buying tips:

  • Easy to hang
  • Fit your window size
  • Check out twice for the right materials
  • You will find the best options at amazon.com
  • Make sure they are sheer, semi-sheer, or blackout curtains

50 to 59 in

If you have a very low ceiling, these lengths of curtains may fit your windows properly. Suppose a 54 inches long curtain will suit under your lower ceiling perfectly rather than buying a standard-size curtain. It will save your ass from making custom-size curtains.

Ideal for:

  • Blocking sunlight
  • Very-low ceiling windows
  • Blocking temperature change between rooms

Buying tips:

  • Check out the fabrics according to your needs
  • Choose lighter sheers to let in more light
  • Make sure you got thicker drapes for more privacy and block air or light
  • These sizes of curtains are available in amazon.com, Walmart, or target

60 to 89 in

These ranges include one of the standard lengths of curtains 63 inches. Measure your window carefully before nailing one, and make sure you have the standard window size for curtains.

Ideal for:

  • Privacy
  • Sunlight blocking
  • Noise and temperature reduction
  • Standard windows with a very low ceiling

Buying tips:

  • Choose wisely the materials according to your purposes
  • Measure your window carefully to pick this length right for you
  • Shop the most beautiful and standard size curtains from Amazon.com, Home Depot, or so.

90 in and Above

The most standard size of curtains is 96 or 108 inches include in this category. You can choose the length without any doubt unless you have a lower ceiling.

Ideal for:

  • No customization
  • Dining room, bedroom and living room
  • Block the sunlight and air for a sound sleep

Buying tips:

  • Easy to hang the panels
  • Check out the fabric is easily washable
  • Shop from Amazon or Walmart for the best deal online
  • Measure your windows properly to make sure you need a 108 inches or 96 inches curtain

Standard Curtain Width

When you’ve figured out the length, it’s time to ponder the width, which is also an important part of curtain measurement. If the screens are not wide enough, it will not affect you at all. The fuller curtains ensure a noticeable look for the guests.

The standard width of curtains in the US ranged between 50 to 58 inches. They will match if you consider the standard window size for curtains. But, these are not the only sizes you will get ready-made. In Amazon.com, you can filter your choices from the below sizes options:

Standard Curtain Width

I would recommend a simple calculation for measuring the curtain width: multiply 2 to 3 times with the width of your window. I will write details about measuring curtains later on.

What size curtains do I need?

Consider the right curtain size for your window to display it properly with satisfaction. A few recommend using the curtain width at least a couple of times of your window. I would recommend adding 12 cm on either side of the window while placing the pole. The width of your curtain should be close to the width of the pole for a lovely drapery open.

For example, a ready-made 167 cm (66”) curtain pair pack can fit approximately 167 cm pole o r track length for a full gather. If you would like to choose a moderated gathering, it will be perfect for the pole length up to 228 cm (90”).

What length are curtains?- The drop or length of curtains depends on your wish mostly. You can randomly choose from three standard curtain lengths options:

  • Measure from the top of the pole or track to the 1 cm above of the window sill
  • 15 cm below the window sill
  • A bit above the floor

Curtains DOS and DON’TS

Curtains enhance the beauty of your home. It provides privacy and blocks unwanted sunlight. They offer different colors to match the rest of the décor, block sunlight and UV rays, and save energy to your space.

All these will happen while you do maintain the accurate hanging rules and don’t make any mistakes.

  • Selecting the right curtain rod is a must. You must go for the one that is wider than the window width. It helps any size of curtains to cover the window for sure.
  • Add 10 to 12 inches extra wide rod to each side of the window
  • Do hang the curtain a minimum of four inches above the upper portion of the frame
  • Choose light sheers if you like to feel the room more airy and shiny
  • Choose dark color curtains (thermal drapes) for privacy and keep the room warm
  • Make a set with blinds and curtains for extra coverage
  • Go for fuller draper panels
  • Don’t choose a rod that comes with the exact width of the window
  • Don’t hang the screen too low that touches the floor
  • For floor-length curtains, don’t choose any shorter ones as well
  • Don’t cut back on the fabric
  • Avoid choosing wimpy curtains

How to measure curtains?

Leaving your windows naked means you are missing out on a great opportunity to add some aesthetics to your home. Before you get the chance, you should know how to measure the curtains correctly to avoid clutters.

Mounting techniques:

The measurement should start from selecting the style of mounting. You have two options for hanging your curtains outside or inside the window.

Inside mounted curtains: It’s not so cool or a common mounting style for curtains. For this, the rod sits inside the window frame to hold the curtain and give an unusual look to me. You shouldn’t consider it if you like to block the sunlight or maintain privacy.

Outside mounted curtains: It’s the most common and usual way of hanging drapery panels. The curtain rod sits outside the frame and a bit above the wall. It helps to feel a larger window and blocks the light and temperature to keep the warm inside.

How to mount curtain rods:

As mentioned earlier, picking a bit wider curtain rod than your window width can be a perfect choice. How wide you will choose the rod depends upon your space mostly. Generally, the rod should be between ten to twelve inches wider than the window.

So, measure the dimensions of your window first to select the right length of your curtain rods. Now add 10 inches to each side of the measurement. Mark the wall with a pencil so you can hang the curtain rod right away after purchasing.

Place the rod a few inches (4 to 6 inches) above the window frame to make it look larger and aesthetic.

Consider at least an inch thicker rod to avoid any sudden accident of falling down your heavy draper panels.

How to choose the right curtain size

Measuring the right curtain size is not a big deal for anyone I assume. If you have owned the standard window size for curtains, choosing the perfect curtain length and width on your own is so much easy then. You will find ready-made standard-length curtains that range between 63 to 108 inches or even more in a few online stores.

Measuring the length:

Now, all you have to grab the metal measuring tape to start the procedure. Put one edge of the tape at the top frame to measure down the length you want for your curtains.

Hanging tips: If you have enough space, you can install the rod a few inches higher to the ceiling for appearing your windows higher and wider. Something hung near to the window top may shrink the size of it.

So, I would recommend placing the rod at least four to six inches upper from the top of the window for betterment.
Let’s know the different length options:

Above window sill: Somebody wishes to hang curtains a bit above the sill about 1 cm or so.

Window sill curtains:  A few want to hang their curtain that ends right at the sill.

Below sill: Consider at least 15 cm down the windowsill to reach the curtain from the rod.

Floor length curtain: For regular home-purpose hang your draper panels right above the floor about an inch. It’s all about your taste. You can consider curtain lengths that puddle where you can extend up to four inches onto the floor.

Pro tips:

  • Puddle curtains need more maintenance than the standard floor length curtains
  • Curtains that puddle are a bit difficult to shut and open
  • Don’t place the rod too much above if you have a very low ceiling
  • Use metal measuring tape for more accuracy.

Measuring curtain width

Grab your measuring tape again and measure the width of your window to start with. Never end up choosing curtains at the same width as your window. Otherwise, they will not block the light and your privacy so far. So do the following:

  • Measure a few inches (about 10 inches) more to each side of your window (total 20 inches)
  • Now sum up the window width and your added inches
  • Divide the total number of widths by 2 to choose the right width for your curtains (if you choose two drapery panels)

The general rules for measuring curtain width: (Multiply the window width by 1.5 to 3 times). I’ve explained it in detail so you can understand the method easily.

Final words

If you are still reading here, ask yourself what length are curtains do I need?- I bet that you know the answer. There is no absolute measurement for the curtains; it depends on your taste and space mostly.

Just make sure that you’ve done the measurement accurately with your measuring tape to avoid customization after choosing your desired drapery panels.

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